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Epidemiology Research


Epidemiology projects have been conducted in Australia and New Zealand to investigate the likely incidence and nature of congenital heart disease treated in these regions, and are expected to deliver publishable outcomes in 2019.

Dr Tom Gentles and Dr Clare O'Donnell from the Green Lane Paediatric and Congenital Cardiac Service at Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand are studying the trends in cardiac surgery and burden of disease in congenital heart disease in New Zealand. They presented on the factors associated with mortality found in three decades of surgery for Congenital heart disease and the risk of mortality in midlife at the Cardiac Society Meeting of ANZ in 20181,2.

A/Prof Nelson Alphonso and A/Prof Robert Justo from the Lady Client Hospital in QLD, Australia are studied a two-year snapshot of the prevalence and burden of management of congenital heart disease in QLD. They presented on this study at the Cardiac Society Meeting of ANZ in 20183 and have recently submitted this study for publication.

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