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Medical Research Future Fund

Australian-wide study of the outcomes and burden of congenital heart disease across the life-course

In July 2020, funding was awarded to CHAANZ from the Medical Research Future Fund Grants for Congenital Heart Disease. This project aims to understand the burdens and outcomes of congenital heart disease.

$3.9 million has been awarded to CHAANZ to help continue the development and implementation of the CHAANZ registry and to conduct a focused profiling of people with congenital heart disease, aimed at better understanding their outcomes and burdens. Together these projects will help to generate better evidence for optimisation of “Whole of life” care for these subjects.

Specifically, this funding will support 10 major CHD centres across Australia (5 adult centres and 5 paediatric centres) contribute data for 25,000 Australians with CHD. From these 25,000 patients, a smaller group of 2,400 patients will participate in detailed health profiling, focussing on health care delivery & management, the patient and carer journey, physiological and psychological impact of CHD and determinants of key health outcomes.

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