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As a result of our MRFF funding, the CHAANZ has a central team coordinating research activity and driving CHAANZ’s aims in Australia. Our MRFF team is part of the Clinical Research Group in the Heart Research Institute, is affiliated with the University of Sydney and physically located at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

David Celermajer sm.png

Professor David Celermajer


Scandrett Professor of Cardiology, University of Sydney; Clinical Director, Heart Research Institute.

Director of Research and Director of Adult Congenital Heart Services, and Co-Director of Pulmonary Hypertension Services, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Coordinating Principle Investigator


David Celermajer is the Scandrett Professor of Cardiology at The University of Sydney and Director of Research in the Cardiology Department at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, as well as Staff Cardiologist at the Children's Hospital in Westmead. He has been Group Leader of the Clinical Research Group of the Heart Research Institute since 1994, and in 2003 was appointed as its Clinical Director. He is currently a Board Member of HeartKids Australia and is on the Editorial Board of many of the world’s leading cardiology journals. Since 2006 he has been a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. Dux of Sydney Grammar School, Rhodes Scholar for NSW 1983, University Medallist, USyd Medicine, 1984 World Debating and Public Speaking Champion 1984, Winner of RT Hall Prize and Eric Susman Medal for Research, 1998;  Winner of Commonwealth Health Minister's Award for Health Research 2002; Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Science 2018; inaugural winner of the Charles Blackburn Medal for Clinical Research 2019.

Geoff Strange_Clinical Research Group_182004_ESC2019_HD.jpg

Professor Geoff Strange


Senior Academic Lead

Geoff is a professor at the University of Notre Dame, Faculty of Medicine with research interests in Registries, Echocardiography, Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) and Pulmonary Hypertension. Geoff has established the world’s largest registry on Pulmonary Hypertension, registries in CHD and cardiovascular medicine. Geoff is part of the CHD Research team at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Geoff is currently the Co-Principal Investigator for the National Echocardiographic Database of Australia (NEDA) study, the world’s largest Echo database. Geoff is leading the CHAANZ initiative along with Prof Celermajer. He is also the Director of Mozaic Solutions.

Calum Nicholson.JPG

Calum Nicholson


National Coordinator

Calum Nicholson is part of the Clinical Research Group at the Heart Research Institute and works as the National Coordinator for the MRFF Funded grant ‘An Australian Study of the Outcomes and Burden of Congenital Heart Disease’, awarded to CHAANZ in July 2020. This grant aims to collect a complete dataset of Congenital Heart Disease patients in the ANZ Congenital Heart Disease Registry and perform a detailed health profile on a smaller subset of those patients. 


Calum’s previous work in the Clinical Research Group involved performing non-invasive investigations into vascular health to detect early signs of atherosclerosis. Before joining HRI, Calum worked with the Sydney Imaging Core Research Facility at The University of Sydney, using small animal imaging techniques to assist in a range of projects related to transplant biology, dental health and gut health.


Calum completed a Master of Health Data Science at UNSW in 2021, where he used geographical information and analysis techniques to assist with service delivery planning for adults with CHD. Calum’s future research interests involve using the ANZ Congenital Heart Disease Registry and Data Linkage to answer questions about health service utilisation and delivery regarding congenital heart disease.

Tanya Badal.jpeg

Tanya Badal


Clinical Research Manager


Tanya Badal is the Clinical Research Manager at the Heart Research Institute for the MRFF funded grant ‘An Australian Study of the Outcomes and Burden of Congenital Heart Disease’. This study seeks to profile Australians with CHD to get a clearer picture of how CHD affects patients, carers and the health system. With this knowledge the Clinical Research Group will use Data Linkage to understand health care utilisation and delivery to address current gaps in care plans, healthcare guidelines and contribute to the development of new care strategies for ANZ patients with CHD.  


Tanya’s experience in ‘world first’ cardiac and respiratory studies has refined her interest in whole-of-life care and a patient’s journey through the health system. Her current research interests include defining areas for future research through data linkage and “consumer driven” research to deliver evidence-based healthcare guidelines and strategies.

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